The Web’s Top Five Design and Typography Posts of the Month: May 2014.

Fazer Café Branding
26May, 2014
Each month I bring you my top five picks of the best design and typography posts from around the web. Here are this month’s picks. Enjoy.

Featured Image: Fazer Café by Kokoro & Moi licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0

The Design Process of the “Digital Adaptation” Book Cover Design

I really do believe that a good process is the secret to developing great designs, so it’s always great to see an example of a person’s design process. Thank you to Veerle Pieters for sharing the process she undertook for the design of Smashing Magazine’s new book “Digital Adaptation”. Great stuff.

Typography Lovers Will Adore This Delightful Wine

Well, it’s hard to beat when two of your favourite things get mixed together—wine and typography! Let me introduce you to Helvetica Wine. Ah, delight!

For Typography Fans: An Exhibition About ‘100 Years Of Type In Design’

I’m really disappointed that I miss out on seeing this great typography exhibition in New York—it’s a long way from Australia! Well, at least there’s some great photos to check out and make sure you watch the video as it shows how the exhibition was setup. Very interesting stuff!

25 Book Covers by Janusz Stanny

This collection of book covers is fantastic. You could say some are a little “different” but that’s what I love about them. Best part is that, all of them are over 50 years old but are still so cool!

Branding: Fazer Café by Kokoro & Moi

I really like seeing great examples of branding. This one for Fazer Café is of an extremely high standard. Make sure you check it out.


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