The Web’s Top Five Design and Typography Posts of the Month: August 2014.

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25Aug, 2014
Each month I bring you my top five picks of the best design and typography posts from around the web. Here are this month’s picks. Enjoy.

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6 tips for understanding colour theory

As designers, we are constantly using colour—it would be the most used design element of all. Check out these 6 great tips that will help you to apply colour theory to your designs.

9 Free Tools To Reduce Computer-Related Eye Strain

Save your eyes by using one of these great tools. I’ve been running one of them called F.Lux and it’s great!

Creative Typography by Danielle Evans

Danielle has used everyday foods such as spaghetti and lemons to produce some really cool typography. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Teaching Yourself How to Code

Have you been wanting to learn how to code HTML, CSS or even IOS? Well, stop procrastinating and check out this site which lists a whole bunch of books and online tutorials.

34 Brilliant Graphic Design and Paper Ads From the ’60s

I love looking at old skool designs and these 34 examples do not disappoint. Awesome!


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