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pattern design featured image
07Apr, 2014

10 Amazing Examples of Using Patterns in Design

In this week’s post, I showcase the use of patterns in design. It is amazing how a simple pattern can be used to enhance a design, create visual interest or serve as the main element. Hopefully, these examples will inspire you to consider the use of patterns in a future project. Enjoy. Featured Image: CARTON sketchbooks by Demidiuk […]

elements of design: space example
10Mar, 2014

How to Apply the 7 Elements of Design to your Work. Element 3: Space.

Space, the final frontier. Well, not exactly, but when it comes to graphic design it’s pretty important to “explore” (pun intended) its use. In fact, the use of space within a design is often a factor that is not considered enough, especially regarding how it can be used to compliment the other elements of design. So […]

elements of design: line
10Feb, 2014

How to Apply the 7 Elements of Design to your Work. Element 1: Line.

In order for a graphic design to communicate its message in a clear and concise manner, many factors need to be considered including using the elements of design. It is widely accepted that there are seven elements of design, which include line, shape, space, texture, value, size/scale and colour. Furthermore, you should aim to include […]