Author: Matt Smith

elements of design: line
10Feb, 2014

How to Apply the 7 Elements of Design to your Work. Element 1: Line.

In order for a graphic design to communicate its message in a clear and concise manner, many factors need to be considered including using the elements of design. It is widely accepted that there are seven elements of design, which include line, shape, space, texture, value, size/scale and colour. Furthermore, you should aim to include […]

business cards letterpress
27Jan, 2014

The web’s top five design and typography posts of the month: January 2014

Each month I bring you my top five picks of the best design and typography posts from around the web. Here are this months picks. Enjoy. Featured Image: Martina Sperl Branding by moodley brand identity licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 3D Typography by Lex Wilson This is just simply amazing. Check out the hand drawn typographic illustrations by graphic designer Lex […]

text size featured image
20Jan, 2014

What font size should you use for body copy text and why?

This is a question I get asked a lot. What font size should I use for body copy text? And my response is always the same—it depends. Like most things in graphic design and typography there are no quick or easy answers, as many factors need to be considered when trying to successfully communicate a […]