The Web’s Top Five Design and Typography Posts of the Month: July 2014.

star wars typography
Each month I bring you my top five picks of the best design and typography posts from around the web. Here are this month’s picks. Enjoy.

Featured Image: Star Wars by Vladislav Poliakov licensed under CC BY-ND 3.0

Best Google fonts for web design [infographic]

Google web fonts are a fantastic way to add some typographic flair to your website and the best part—they are free. However, some of them are pretty awful and it takes time to determine which ones work well together. This really handy matrix will do the work for you by displaying which pairings are good, and which ones are downright terrible—awesome!

Simply Awesome Star Wars Typographic Portraits by Vladislav Poliakov

I love these! What could be better than combining Stars Wars and typography? These portraits of famous Star Wars characters are beautifully created using type—I just need to find out where to get the T-Shirts now…May the type by with you!

25 Inspiring Dark Website Designs

It’s not very often that you see web designers using a dark palette for a website design—most are colourful and cheery these days! However, there are time when using dark colours are appropriate to the topic. Here are 25 examples to give you some inspiration when the need arises.

40 Free Branding & Identity Mockup Templates to Download

Using Photoshop mockups is standard practice these days when presenting your design to a client or showcasing them in your portfolio. Here are 40 free ones to get you started.

33 Enticing Scrolling Effects JQuery Plugins

For those of you who are into web design, here are 33 jQuery scrolling effects that can be used for one page web design. Handy.