The Principles of Graphic Design: How to Use Balance Effectively

In this month’s design tutorial we continue to explore the principles of graphic design. Over the past months I have introduced you to the theories of hierarchy, emphasis and contrast and this month we explore balance. Featured Image: “JAAAAA” by karoline grebe licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0 What is Balance Balance relates to how we arrange elements within the design space to ensure equal distribution […]

5 Awesome Branding Examples for your Inspiration

In this week’s post we take a look at 5 awesome branding examples that are sure to inspire you when working on your next project. I’ve chosen to showcase the brand development of various business types from restaurants to an association for beekeepers! Additionally, I’ve included the rebranding of the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) which I’ve seen […]

Typography Tutorial: Does your Paragraph Measure Up? How to Determine the Correct Width of a Paragraph.

In this month’s typography tutorial we explore paragraph width. In typography circles, this is known as ‘the measure’. Alongside paragraph alignment, the measure contributes to ensuring that the overall paragraph formatting is conducive to optimum readability. Featured Image: Full Stop by Sidney Lim YX licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0 What is The Measure and Why is it Important? The measure […]

10 Great Examples of Overprint Design (and how to do it).

The overprint technique is one that can lead to the creation of interesting effects and visual interest within a design. It was once only used by Pre-press technicians to ensure a design would be correctly reproduced at the printing stage, but these days graphic designers use overprints in a creative way.  The technique is relatively easy to […]