Kerning with InDesign: What is it? Examples. How to. Shortcuts.

In this month’s typography tutorial we explore kerning using InDesign. Kerning is something that is often overlooked by many designers; however, with only a few minutes work, adjustments to kerning can have a dramatic effect on the overall professionalism of a design— it’s all about attention to detail! So, let’s get started. Featured Image: Kerning by Roni Weinstein licensed under CC BY-ND […]

Typography Tutorial: Does your Paragraph Measure Up? How to Determine the Correct Width of a Paragraph.

In this month’s typography tutorial we explore paragraph width. In typography circles, this is known as ‘the measure’. Alongside paragraph alignment, the measure contributes to ensuring that the overall paragraph formatting is conducive to optimum readability. Featured Image: Full Stop by Sidney Lim YX licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0 What is The Measure and Why is it Important? The measure […]