The Principles of Graphic Design: How to Use Proximity Effectively

In this month’s design tutorial, we continue to explore the principles of graphic design. I have introduced you to the theories of hierarchy, emphasis, contrast, balance and repetition. This month we explore proximity. Let’s get started. Featured Image: Galleri Tema by Daniel Siim licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0 What is Proximity The principle of proximity is simply the process of ensuring related design elements […]

5 Great Editorial Designs for Your Inspiration

In this week’s post we take a look at five great editorial design examples including several magazines, a product portfolio, a book and an annual report. These are sure to inspire you when working on your next project. Hope you enjoy. Lab Periodical Lab Periodical by Chén Fan & Maxim Cormier licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0 Gareth Edwards Gareth […]