Red Fleece Editorial Newspaper by Stephanie Toole licensed under CC By-NC-SA 3.0
18Aug, 2014

The Principles of Graphic Design: How to Use Repetition Effectively

In this month’s design tutorial, we continue to explore the principles of graphic design. I have introduced you to the theories of hierarchy, emphasis, contrast and balance. This month, we explore repetition. Let’s get started. Featured Image: Red Fleece Editorial Newspaper by Stephanie Toole licensed under CC By-NC-SA 3.0 What is Repetition? Repetition is simply the process of repeating elements throughout a design, […]

wine label example
11Aug, 2014

5 Great Wine Label Designs for your Inspiration

In this week’s post we take a look at five great wine label examples that are sure to inspire you when working on your next project. Hope you enjoy. dávid borház: DQ dávid borház: DQ by csönge balla licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0 5 Elements 5 ELEMENTE by Valerii Shumilov licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0 Hrsz. 737 Hrsz. 737 by Eszter Laki licensed under CC BY-NC-ND […]

Kerning Featured Image
04Aug, 2014

Kerning with InDesign: What is it? Examples. How to. Shortcuts.

In this month’s typography tutorial we explore kerning using InDesign. Kerning is something that is often overlooked by many designers; however, with only a few minutes work, adjustments to kerning can have a dramatic effect on the overall professionalism of a design— it’s all about attention to detail! So, let’s get started. Featured Image: Kerning by Roni Weinstein licensed under CC BY-ND […]